Lawton Community Information

Oklahoma’s terrain is considered by the EPA to be the most diverse terrain in the United States. Covering nearly 70,000 square miles of Southern Central America, Oklahoma’s landscape boasts four grand mountain ranges, including the Oachitas, Arbuckles, Wichitas and Kiamichis, as well as several smaller formations and a portion of the Ozarks. Two-hundred man-made lakes make over one million surface acres of water and over 2,000 miles of shoreline. More than a quarter of the state is covered in lush forest. With an average temperature just over 60 degrees, the climate is varied throughout the state depending on that region’s terrain.

The state of Oklahoma has 43 colleges and universities, including the University of Oklahoma and Cameron University in Lawton. Interstate highways in Oklahoma include I-35, which crosses the state from north to south, I-40, which crosses the state from east to west, and I-44, which enters Oklahoma in the northeast and leaves the state toward the southwest. These highways all run through Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma’s Native American ancestry is the theme of many of their festivals and annual celebrations. Museums are devoted to the preservation of their unique history. Residents enjoy a variety of other cultural celebrations, including the German Oktoberfest held each year in Tulsa and Italian festivals in the McAlester and Krebs neighborhoods. Amusement parks, camping destinations and a wealth of other recreational opportunities await you in the lively state of Oklahoma.

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